Gunbound Season3

Gunbound means "The infinite war between each unique mobile and its riders"
Now, Be a warrior of Lond and please protect Rena and peace of Lond!

Expendable Items?

In contrast with the basically provided Item1, Expendable Item which has powerful ability can be purchased with Cash or Gold. Let's enjoy Gunbound with various functions such as offensive, defensive and other special Items.

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  • Special Force

    You can use the SS missile anytime you want.

  • Damage Up

    After using this item, your missile will damage your enemy. Item advanced 20% more power.

  • Homing Missile

    To fire the guided missile which will damage it provides 12% more power.

  • Poison Gas

    Poison gas missile will be maintained and spread 4 turns with fatal damage.Poison gas missile will be maintained and spread 4 turns with fatal damage.

  • Nuclear

    Nuclear missile can dig the ground well and it's good for bungee attack.

  • Dual Thor

    To summon Lv.2 "Thor", it will support our team in battle.

  • Thunder storm

    It will attack all users who are inside the summoned cloud with strong lighting (while 3turns)

  • Lava shock

    While 3turns, this excellent missile will scatter fire within a certain area and it has good ability of digging ground and powerful damage.

  • Super Dual

    You can shoot double shot regardless of what type of missile (no1, no2, SS).

  • Moon pass

    Without the effect of force, you can shoot the missile (if there is lighting or electricity, it will be more powerful)

  • Devil Thor

    The Thor level becomes level 5 when you shoot.

  • Heaven's fall

    The player sends a signal which shoot rays of light bringing forth the wrath of the heavens.

  • Heaven's Ego

    Delay will decrease by 100, Damage will increase by 10%.(Homming & Thunder Storm effect)

  • Double Jeopardy

    It will give special effect to your weapons like Aduka SS(pass through only mobiles)

  • Landmine

    You will shoot 6 Raon mine instead of your original weapon.