Gunbound Season3

Gunbound means "The infinite war between each unique mobile and its riders"
Now, Be a warrior of Lond and please protect Rena and peace of Lond!

Game Download

Client Download

System Requirement

  Minimum System Requirements Suggesting Specification
O/S Windows98 Windows XP
CPU PentiumIII 866MHz PentiumIV 1.2GHz
Main Memory 64MB 128MB
Video Card Any 3D-accelerated card Any 3D-accelerated card
Video Memory 32MB+ 64MB+
DirectX DirectX 8.0 or higher version required DirectX 9.0 or higher version required
IE Ver. Internet Explorer 7.0 higher Internet Explorer 7.0 higher

DirectX Download

DirectX Download

The DirectX version 9.0 or over must be installed on your computer to run GunBound game.
If not, please click the button below to download the program and follow the instruction provided.

Graphic Card Driver Download

If GunBound does not run properly after installing the full version of Gunbound and the DirectX version 8.0 or over, please click one of the buttons below to download the latest 3D Graphic Card Driver and follow the instruction provided.