Gunbound Season3

Gunbound means "The infinite war between each unique mobile and its riders"
Now, Be a warrior of Lond and please protect Rena and peace of Lond!

1. Primary Operating Policy

The following Operation Policy is the most important policy to follow. All the services provided from us to players will be based on this policy. This Policy is to reduce the amount of user complaints about the service and any other discomfort that can be brought up while providing service.

Any user who violates this policy will be dealt accordingly. Gunbound Management team has the authority to edit and update the above policy as they wish, and well noted notice will be posted on the web if there are any changes made to the policy.

Gunbound Management does not take any responsibility for users who do not read the notice on the web and violate the updated rules in anyway. Also the management team will restrict those who violate the policy without any warning or prior notice.

Any other miscellaneous policies that are not stated in the Operating Policy will be stated in the Users Agreement Form. GM has the ability to make a judgment upon the policy. The following content is organized in a way to give users the best idea on what the rules and policies are.

If better rules or policies are discovered, the old one can be updated with the new rule, and it'll be enforced upon its update.

2. Game ID Policy

Player will be given a chance to choose Game ID. This Game ID can be chosen freely, but however there are some restrictions to choosing appropriate Game ID. If not, these IDs will be deleted by the GM without any warning or notice. (Same rules are enforced to Account title and Guild title)

1) Inappropriate Title
- Suggestive title of inappropriate Sexuality.
- Swearing/ profanities and abusive language will not be allowed.
- Racial slurs or slang that may suggest racial discomfort.
- Advertisement of certain websites or any ads related ID.
- Anti-socialistic IDs.
- Something that may suggest profanities or all of the above but with different orthography.
- Impersonation of the GM or any Softnyx staff. Or IDs or Guild titles that may suggest this in any way.
- Trying to mimic an existing with different syllables or spelling.
- Misbehaved titles and offensive.
- IDs that are determined to be inappropriate. Or is thought to be inappropriate by the GM.

3. Fraud related Operation Policy

Fraud and any soft of forgeries are prohibited, and GM will not take a part. GM also will not take a part in any sort of dispute unless it is determined to harm the Community or disturb the order.

Despite the fact that GM will not take a part in these disputes, he/she may bring up a solution, and unable to follow this solution may result in account restriction.

Exchange of account and items for cash is not a real trade supported by Softnyx. Any disadvantage you may receive from doing this will not be reimbursed.

4. Third party programs, Bug abusing Policy

1) It is wrong to abuse or send bugs that exist in Gunbound to other users, and it is required to notify the GIS when a bug is found.

2) Anyone who is caught using illegal programs such as macro, hack, or ghost-mouse, will be immediately banned forever.

* There will be no negotiation about any punishments that follow for such actions.
* Illegal programs include any programs other that are capable of modifying the server data using
* third party programs for one's advantage over other.

5. Customer related Policy

1) Gunbound Customer Center is a place where our customers can tell us their trouble, and it is one of the official ways to get a hold of us. We work hard to give answers to all of your questions within 48 hours time period.

2) Things to look out for when using the Customer Center.
- You must log into the website before using the Customer Center. Please specify your e-mail address before making an inquiry.
- We cannot answer to your questions when they have nothing to do with Gunbound. Please be specific on what you are asking.
- Do not ask for favors or expect any benefits by contacting the GM. GM will not help you with personal request.
- Profanity, salacious gossip, spamming is not allowed. In this case the certain users are going to be punished for disturbing our business.
- Sending spam mails and useless stuff to Customer Center will have you restricted to using our services.

6. Gunbound Homepage related Policy

1) Freeboard is a place for players to discuss about Gunbound and any other topics and GM does not necessarily answer any of the questions. This is not the right place to ask a question to GM.

2) Advertisements, abusive writings, and any other topics that are not appropriate to freeboard will be deleted by the moderator without any warning.

3) Users who use constant profanities and posting sexual contents will be removed from the freeboard, even the website.

7. Customer Account Management

1) Following the Customer Privacy Protection rule, all the personal information will be concealed from the public. However, we may release the information to some organization for further investigation.

2) User may not receive any assistance if he/she was careless to take care of one's account. We will also not provide any help if the user has third party programs installed for one's own benefit.

3) User can report to Customer Center incase of account and item hacking.

8. Return and Refund Policy

1) Due to a game severs or bug problem, if one has experienced a loss he/she can report to the Customer Care Center and after our staff review the situation, the proper action will be taken. In this case he/she will recover the lost gold or GP.

2) We will not recover or refund, when you take an action that is against our Operation Policy. (Trading account/item for cash, Using third party programs)

3) No restoration can be performed when in situation where user may find a problem with he/she's own computer and internet connection.

9. Customer Duty and Right

1) By using the Gunbound service, you are agreeing to all the policies we have stated, and those who violate any of these policies will be punished accordingly.

2) The customer must register their real name and correct information before registering.

3) All the characters/ items and any other game contents belong to us. The customer has the right to use these items until the termination.

4) Customer must report to GM when finding a bug. Abusing these bugs are very dangerous and they must be reported. He/she will be punished accordingly if they decide to abuse and publicize the bug.

5) Customer can report/ make suggestion/ and ask inquires through our website to the GMs directly.

6) Customer can consult with the GM, and will be co-operative with GMs in order to solve the problems in the shortest amount of time.

10. Limitation of Liability

1) Registering with incorrect information for applying for new user or modifying personal information.

2) Using other user's ID and password to play.

3) Selling and buying ID.

4) Exchanging game property with other user.

5) Impersonating GM or acting like related with GM.

6) Modifying client without any authority or hacking Softnyx's server or modifying article which is posted by GM or using a service in.

7) Using a game bug for person's sake.

8) Obtaining game property in abnormal way.

9) Disturbing or doing a harmful activity for a service.

10) Operating a service without any authority.

11) Copy the service for selling, publishing, broadcasting or other purposes without any authority.

12) Sending or spreading the patent, brand, business security, copy right or other intellectual property right.

13) Posting or spreading inappropriate article or pictures.

14) Exposing other user's privacy.

15) Threatening a user which can be harmed.

16) Collecting or storing other user's information without any authority.

17) The activity which can be used for a crime.

18) Violating the policy which is made by Softnyx.

11. Release of restriction

The company releases restriction of use on users who has resolved their dispute regarding restriction.

12. Service Hour

1) The service hour is 24 hours in principle under circumstances of no technical issues or excessive workloads.

2) Prior notice will be given on the notice board when temporary suspension of service for maintenance is needed.

3) The company may restrict service use of certain users in case of contract violation.

4) A formal objection is available via email, fax or customer service.

13. Management of Postings

Without prior notice, the company has right to delete, move or refuse any of postings that apply to the following;

1) Insult other users or third parties as defamation.

2) Propagate postings or links that violate public morals.

3) Try to sell or trade one's user account or online cash.

4) Encourage illegal copy or hacking.

5) Advertise on purpose of profit making.

6) Associate with apparent objective crimes.

7) Violate legal rights such as copyright of other users or third parties.

8) Post inappropriate postings that violate the company policy.

9) Disturb the company or the service.

10) Apparently violate any other related laws and regulation.

14. Copyright for postings

1) Copyrights of contents posted by users in the service belong to users. Furthermore, the company may not use postings commercially without any permission. However, the company has right to post or forward the contents if it's not for a profit.

2) Users may not use postings for commercial purposes. Users may not alter or sell the information acquired while using the service.

3) The company may change, move or reject postings by users without any prior notice if its contents apply to the clause 14.

15. Commercial Service

1) Gunbound service is basically free but certain information or service is not.

2) All the provisions related to commercial service payment must follow Gunbound Cash policy.

3) Users may charge Cash through any payment methods such as credit cards and mobiles. Other methods may vary due to the company's policy.

4) Proprietary of game items and avatars belongs to the company and rights of its use belong to buyers. It means that users will receive rights to use the items provided by the company for a certain period of time on Gunbound website and it is not allowed to sell or transfer in any ways besides the way the company decided.

5) The company will not give refund on gifted or free items to prevent illegal use of it.

6) Game items are valid for a year only and the right of the use will be expired after.

In case valid items disappear during the term of validity, it will be notified on the board for 7 days or more by game content and item policy of the company. However, users, who bought items with ownership still remaining, will be compensated with equivalent worth of Gunbound Cash.

16. In-game property

1) In-game properties earned in the service of the company such as Gold and GP are intangible materials for use of service and not currency. The rights of the materials belong to the company.

2) The company does not authorize personal in-game property trading.

3) The company may partially or fully change the in-game property when it is needed for operation and it will be announced to the users after.

17. Change of service

The company may partially or fully change the game to make the service the better or solve the problem and it will be announced after.

18. Transfer of rights

Game IDs and its rights are not transferable to other users.

19. Deletion of IDs

The company deletes IDs that have not connected for a certain period of time. This is to prevent any losses or damages that can happen to owners who never play. This certain period of time will be posted on the Gunbound homepage.

20. Compensation for losses

Regarding use of the free services, the company is not responsible for any losses by matters not correspond to our privacy policy.

21. Exemption Clause

1) The company is not responsible for interruption of service caused by natural disasters, wars and the like.

2) The company is not responsible for any losses caused by service failure of electricity or Internet service providers.

3) The company is not responsible for any losses by inevitable causes such as system repair, maintenance, construction and so on.

4) The company is not responsible for losses or difficulties of service use due to imputation of users.

5) The company is not responsible for any losses or damages occurred by computer failure, incorrectly entered profile or email address of users.

6) The company is not responsible for any unsatisfying gains or unexpected losses from the service.

7) The company is not responsible for any losses of in-game cyber money, rank and so on.

8) The company is not responsible for any losses caused by information gained from the service. Furthermore, the company is not responsible for mental or physical damage by other users as well.

9) The company is not responsible for reliability and/or accuracy of any postings or content posted by users.

10) The company does not have a right to intervene disputes occurred by the service between users or users and the third party and is not responsible for any losses by it.

11) The company is not responsible for any losses regarding free services.

22. Competent Court

The competent court for disputes regarding use of service is under the civil suit. The Korean law will be applied for lawsuits between the company and users.