Gunbound Season3

Gunbound means "The infinite war between each unique mobile and its riders"
Now, Be a warrior of Lond and please protect Rena and peace of Lond!

Functional Items?

Only few users know these magical items!
There are so many items you can use in game very usufully~
Please check the tab of "List of Functional Items"!!

See the details

  • Energy UP Lv1

    You will get 1 * 100 energy when you start game. (You can enchant this item to get high level)

  • Compact Delay

    Your game delay will be reduced by 2/3 whenever you have this item

  • Killing frenzy Lv1

    You will get 1 * 50 damage (only next one turn) if you kill enemy. (You can enchant this item to get a high leve

  • Xena Power

    Damage will increase 30% (only next one turn) if you give over 1000 damage to enemy.

  • Free Mobile Ticket

    You can choose all mobiles (Maya, Frank, Tiburon, Phoenix).

  • Speed Up

    Speed of mobile movement will increase by 100

  • Penalty Zero

    No penalty received even if you leave while the game is ongoing.

  • Big BagPack

    You can get more 12 item2 slots.

  • Anti-Trash TIcket

    Anti-Trash Avatar Ticket. Your avatar is OK during playing even though you get Trash avatar item's attack.

  • FX Steel Mobile

    If affiliated with Steel mobiles. The damage will be increased Lv * 12.

  • FX Shield Mobile

    If affiliated with Shield mobiles. The shield will be increased Lv * 9.

  • FX Bio Mobile

    If affiliated with Bio mobiles. The energy will be increased Lv * 18.

  • Final Attempt

    You will get the power of Lv * 25 damage when your energy goes under 35%

  • Raonship

    You will get one more shell when you use Raon Launcher mobile
    (For weapon 1 and 2)

  • Pro Grub

    Energy will incrasee Lv * 42, damage will increase Lv * 8 when you choose Grub Mobile.

  • Pro J.Frog

    Energy will increase Lv * 42, damage will increase Lv * 8 when you choose J. Frog Mobile.