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Decoration Items?

Decoration Item is not really related with your game condition.
But, if you want to be showed more attractively, you can get the Deco items!!

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All Color

All the chatting colors will be available.

Color(4 colors)

One type of chatting color will be available. (Natural: Green type/ Modern: Dark type/ Cute: Pink type/ Cool: Blue type)

Bugle Color(3 colors)

You can make your speech colorfully. (Click pencil in channel or in game room to setup color.)

Bubble(4 types)

Chatting bubbles stand out when you chatting in the game room.


It will display your rank in-game as a random low level. Cannot use this to access lower servers.


It will display your rank in-game as a random high level. Cannot use this to access higher servers.

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