Gunbound Season3

Gunbound means "The infinite war between each unique mobile and its riders"
Now, Be a warrior of Lond and please protect Rena and peace of Lond!


We invite you to the world of Gunbound, which takes place in Planet "Lond" that have 7 moons.

Gunbound means "The infinite war between each unique mobile and its riders"

Doctors from "Hu Boee", "Adium", "Miramo" in Lond developed mobiles depending on the each area and They dedicated 28 unique mobiles for this battle.

The surrounding environment in Gunbound dynamically changes according to the "Moon Disk" "Wind strength" player's "Mobile" and "strategies"

Don't rely only on weaponry . Confront enemy, predicate each situation to survive.

Wearing your own avatars and items that have special feature will be an important part to winning the battle.

Now, Be a warrior of Lond and please protect Rena and peace of Lond!

  • Observador

    Unkown dark crowd must be driven out from Lond! Let's wipe out all the evils!
  • Dark Observador

    The planet "Lond" want to be changed! We try to suggest a new way not evil Your support must be great help!

Planet "Lond" that have 7 moons is having peaceful life under Princess Rena and great warrior Observador' care.

UOne day, the princess Rena fell asleep deeply. She saw falling black stars to the planet "Lond" in a dream.

In the next day, an old woman came and warned Rena that "Lond" is in a trouble and bad luck.

And then, the woman left Rena. Rena had a sense of foreboding for a moment, but she just took away the feeling.

Before long, a real black star was fallen to the Lond.

Rena was surprised and asked Observador, who is a hero in the Lond, to investigate the spot. Observador went and found the black fallen star and approach it slowly. Then, black and thick fog was raised from the star and Observador blacked out on the spot, suddenly.

Observador woke up soon but the black star was disappeared with no trace.

Observador came back to the palace to let Rena know this strange situation. When he reached the palace, dark clouds were all around there. Observador thought that Rena could be in trouble and got into the palace in a hurry to protect her. Stepping in the lobby, Observador was extremely surprised because there was a man looked like exactly same as him.

The strange man called himself to "Dark Observador"

The Dark Observador challenged Observador to a duel and Observador accepted it. Observador felt something odd and did not have any strength in the dark fog. Eventually, Observador lose the duel and was driven out of the palace.

After it, Lond lose its twinkles. Dark Observador keeps Princess Rena in the tower of the castle. People say, Dark Observador is going to marry Rena soon! Observador is now determined to save Rena from Dark Observador, with his peers.

Now, your choice is remained.

Eliminate darkness of Lond with Observador or renew and change Lond with Dark Observador.
Please make a decision.