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Armor type mobile is driven by a single character. It is developed in many regions of Lond and has various different types and can be divided into two major groups: Armors and weapons. The following is the branch by armor type mobiles.

Mechanical Mobiles

Mobile with high density of metals. It also has high defense. Mostly explosive or hitting type mobile. You can induce big damage by attacks that are electrical. Electricity floats through the metal armors, giving the mobile more damage.


Strong against hitting type mobile (+4% protection power) and has highest defense among mobiles.


weak against electronic type mobile (-4% protection power) and cannot move fast due to its weight, delay avg. is high.

Corresponding mobiles

Shield-type Mobiles

In Lond, many remains of ancient civilizations were found. With current technology of Lond civilization it is impossible to resolve these remains but some of the ancient skill such as laser and shield has gone far beyond that of Lond today. Ancient type basically has shield-protection. Laser and other absurd weapons can also be found. The biggest feature of shield type is that it can heal itself as the time pass.


Strong to laser weapon (+4% protection power), and can heal it's shield


Weak against hitting weapon (-4% protection power) and it has low HP.

Corresponding mobiles

Bionic Mobiles

In the rough region where machinery can't reach, there are bionic creature to take care of all the business. They are not any weaker compared to other mobiles if not any stronger. They basically have hitting weapon. They don't have any metal conductor, so electronic attack can do no harm.


Strong against electronic type weapons (+4% protection power), and when healing item is used it will have more effect.


Weak to Laser weapon (-4% protection power) and has worst armor protection.

Corresponding mobiles

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