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Your lovely friends, Pet!
With every game you play with it, the pet will develop its experience. 

Your pet will help you with their own characteristic skill whenever they reach following levelsLv.15, Lv.30 and Lv.50.

Also, when your pet level rises up to 99, you will get three rewards besides Pet Skill. Pet level can be raised up to 99. (Max level for gold pet is Lv.45)

If you want your pet to be stronger than others, now you can set your pet skill by yourself. 
Don't forget to feed your pet to restore its fullness. When the pet hunger gauge is 0%, its skill and stat will not be activated.

Item list

Pet Level

Now, Pet max level is 99!!
Let's make the strongest pet as your Pet makes you stronger.
When you reach max level 99, You will get three rewards besides Pet's Skill.

1. Your mobile attack will increase 10%
2. Mobile defense will increase 10%
3. GP amount will increase +1 

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