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Be Strong with Gunbound's specail cards! Mobile cards give you chances to use stronger mobiles. If you enchant the Mobile cards, your mobiles will be more powerful. Jackpot cards give you fortunate items.

Item list

Mobile Card

You can have a powerful character via Avatar enchant. Mobile Card can give you a more powerful mobile.

Normal Card Rare Card Epic Card Legend Card
Lv.1 ~ 5 Lv.6 ~ 10 Lv.11 ~ 15 Lv.16 ~ 30
Enjoy the more powerful 4kind of Mobile card.

Each mobile card will be use by 30days.
If you succeed with mobile card enchant,
it will extend your mobile card to 30days more.

The booster Card can earn Lv1 ~ Lv.5 mobile card.

Jackpot Card

Hit the jackpot with these Jackpot Cards!!!
Various items comes out through this Jackpot cards!
And absolutely high level card will give you better Items~ +_+

< Normal > < Rare > < Epic > < Legend >

Player buys Jackpot Card in shop. Once bought and double clicked, you can see the pop-up like below.

  • Once more, double click the card in the pop-up, then you can see Random prize.

    Also at that time you double click the card, you are automatically applied to enter lottery!

    If you win, the pop up will appear like shown in picture.
  • If you have a lot of Rare Jackpot Card or Epic Jackpot Card, you can try to use [Mix] button.

    When you click the [Mix] button with Rare Jackpot Booster Card 12EA, you can change them to One Epic Jackpot Booster Card.

    With Epic Jackpot Booster Card 15EA, you can change them to One Legend Jackpot Booster Card.

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