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All levels are determined by your GP until you reach Silver Dragon. The Silver Dragon is the top players in the rank.
All the levels and rankings are updated around 18:00 (GMT+9)

Special Level

  • Administrator level
  • Gold Trophy
  • Silver Trophy
  • Bronze Trhophy
  • VIP
Name GP Name GP Name GP
Silver Dragon 714,718 Red Dragon 632,370 Blue Dragon 473,859
Diamond Hole 246,264 Red Ruby Hole 121,261 Sapphire Hole 74,831
Violet Hole 52,593        
Gold Double Sided Axe+ 38,888 Gold Double Sided Axe 25,397 Silver Double Sided Axe+ 19,127
Silver Double Sided Axe 12,947 Metal Double Sided Axe+ 9,599 Metal Double Sided Axe 6,900
Double Gold Axe 6,000 Gold Axe 5,000 Double Silver Axe 4,200
Silver Axe 3,500 Double Metal Axe 2,800 Metal Axe 2,300
Double Stone Axe 1,800 Stone Axe 1,500    
Double Wood Hammer 1,200 Wood Hammer 1,100    
A Little Chick The rest        

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