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Fan site registration information

  • The banner size of the fan site. 112*55
  • A short introduction about the fan site. (maximum of 500 characters)
  • The address of link to the fan site.
  • The title of the fan site.
  • The fan site administrator's e-mail address, the official nickname of the fan site, and contact information.

Registration Fan site

Things the fan site needs to pay attention to

  • Please update the contents of the site frequently.
  • The contents and composition of the site needs to be helpful to other users.
  • Fan sites that are too simple or that are made only to present information directly copied from other sites are going to be disregarded.
  • Fan sites that are no longer active will be deleted from the fan site list.
  • Posting inappropriate images (Sexual/gore contents) as a guild logo will be prohibited.
  • The guild master of such fan site will be banned forever and on top of that, the guild will be deleted.

Fan site list

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